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Set of two chairs and one table with magical art for your little one!

✔ Behind this desk will be discovered new stories about cats, fish and awakening windows!
✔ On these chairs kids come out with clever ideas about flowerpots and laundry cords!
✔ Sometimes the best hiding place is under that desk!
✔ This furniture lives its secret life when adults can't see!
✔ Kids run to the table to win a place!

❤ "Let them discover, let them learn!" ❤

Carefully crafted from a 100% birch plywood. All pieces are sanded smooth. 
Suitable for children from 1 years to 7 years.
Chair carries persons up to a body weight of up to 35 kg.

Stable and strong construction. Comfortable for the toddlers. Meets all the standards for children’s furniture. 

• Made of white birch plywood
• Recommended age: 1-7 years
• Table dimensions: 52x53x58 cm (20.47in x 20.87in x 22.83in)
• Chair dimensions: 35x35x46 cm, seat height from the floor 29 cm (11.42in)
• Designed and produced in Estonia
• Delivered as parts
• Durable and easy to maintain
• Use only indoors
• Use only on the floor
• Clean with lightly wet wipes
• Regularly check the screw fastenings
• Protected design

Handemade with love!

For every little girl and boy!

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