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Moon Rocker

Moon Rocker

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Swinging is a pleasant way of relaxing for many people of different age groups. Some people enjoy the hammock; some people enjoy rocking chair. Even moms would like to spend time on our Moon rocker!

Arc swing / Balance board / Floor swing / Moon rocker – the playful object has many different names and functions!

Moon rocker is a multifunctional toy which opens up a fantasy world for every child. It will develop physical growth and balance. It also stimulates the senses and strengthens muscles.
Toddlers can swing slowly while lying, older kids can rock while sitting and brave kids can rock while standing on it.

Kids can use their imagination to play with moon rocker in many different ways:
as turned upside down a rocker becomes a bridge or a tunnel – kids can climb over or crawl through it.Placed on the side, it can turn into a store table or a hiding wall. Find your favourite play mode!

To ensure the safety of the usage of the rocker, it has brakes in every corner which will stop the rocker from going over the edge. The rocker has been approved by the Health Office Lab in Estonia as being a safe and secure toy for the kids.

The design of the rocker is simple and easy to understand for kids from a very young age. The rocker was a nominee of the Estonian Children's Product Design Competition.

As we say to our children: „Dream big – to the moon and forward!“

• Made of moisture-proof birch plywood
• Finished with child-friendly Osmo oil vax
• Durable and easy to maintain
• Recommended usage from 3 years of age
• Maximum weight of 50 kg
• Measures 90x47x50 cm (35x18x19 inches)
• Weight 6 kg
• Tested in Health Office Lab in Estonia
• Will be delivered as separate details in one box
• Designed and produced in Estonia
• Protected design
• Can be used only under adult supervision
• Swing one child at the time
• Use at a safe distance from other children and other objects
• Use only indoors
• Use only on the floor
• Clean with lightly wet wipes
• Regularly check the screw fastenings

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